Meghraj Dhoda Barfi
Meghraj Dhoda Barfi
Meghraj Dhoda Barfi

Special Dhoda Barfi (Meghraj Sweets, Chandni Chowk)

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Dhoda Barfi is a traditional sweet of Punjab. It is basically made of milk, sugar and nuts. This sweet generally arrives in festive time and people stand in queue in sweet shops to buy it. Dhoda Barfi is described as an Indian version of fudge. A good point about this sweet is that it will stay good for 2 weeks in room temperature. So we can expect its good taste and texture for months if we refrigerate it. As we chew a bite of it, we can feel the richness of sweet and nuts. It is as soft as feather to teeth. One goes crazy for its taste and want more and more. As it can remain good for a long time, we can even parcel it to our loved and dear ones staying away from us. Some people are not aware of this sweet, living in outer regions of India. But this won’t be any longer. Everyone can now buy this sweet without moving out of their homes. Yes, you read it right. You can order your sweets online with and you will receive it on your doorstep.

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