Special Milk Cake (Kanhaiya, Alwar)
Kanhaiya Special Alwar Milk Cake

Special Milk Cake (Kanhaiya, Alwar)

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Putting it simply, milk cake is a block of sweetened, thickened, granular milk carved into squares, rich in taste and simply satisfying! Also known as kalakand, it is made using sugar, milk and ghee and was probably invented in the Rajasthani town of Alwar. It is regularly used as a dessert, but it also makes up for an excellent gift during the festive season. Like its most famous dessert, Alwar too is an amalgam of grains picked out from a long history — grains that happen to co-exist, each adding taste and flavour. A quaint little town, with a population of about six lakh, Alwar is a piece of art in itself. Packed into a small box, we deliver the best of Alwar’s long heritage to you, right at your doorstep! You can order Special Milk cakes online from FoodFeasta.com and we will take over from there, guaranteeing quality and timely delivery.

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