D' Nature Roasted & Salted Almond, Cashew & Pistachios
D' Nature Roasted & Salted Almond, Cashew & Pistachios
D' Nature Roasted & Salted Almon, Cashew & Pistachios

Roasted & Salted Almond, Cashew & Pistachios (D' Nature, Delhi)

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Nuts make up a key part of a healthy and varied diet. Their relatively long shelf life, portability and rich nutrient profile make nuts an ideal snack idea to help you maintain a healthy diet on the go. Roasted salted almonds benefit your health by boosting your intake of a few key nutrients.

"These lightly salted Colossal Roasted Pistachios are wonderful and Huge. We are proud of our nuts, and these roasted pistachios certainly take the cake, as they are the biggest and most delicious variety that we have seen in years! Some of our older employees have remarked that these remind them of the olden days and the pistachios our grandfather would find. 
This is a naturally colored pistachio grown in California. Excellent to serve for all occasions. As the pistachio ripens the shell within splits, naturally indicating the proper harvest time."

Roasted cashews can be a convenient and delicious snack, either on their own or in a snack mix, such as with peanuts, dried fruit or other nuts. They can be healthy when you eat them in moderation as part of a balanced diet, and they have similar nutrition information whether you get them dry roasted or oil roasted. Talk to a nutritionist about including roasted cashews in your own meal plan.