Fruit Juices, Cold Pressed

Fruit juice from real fruits has become almost a myth and purity is almost a foreign concept now! In the midst of all this, like a beacon of light in the darkness, we present before you cold pressed fruit juices, fruit juices that are 100% pure and natural without any additives at all. The process of cold pressing is emphasized because these juices contain more vitamins, minerals and enzymes than those made with a traditional centrifugal machine. It's all in the method, apparently, as the fresh fruit and vegetables are, as the name suggests, "pressed" so the maximum amount of nectar is extracted from the pulp and fibre, leaving a raw and fresh juice. These juices have been designed in a way so as to provide a perfect balance between mind, body and spirit. Subtle, delicate and yet exceptional flavors, distinct aromas make them hard to forget and the natural benefits of the original fruits and vegetables are all retained in these juices so they are delightfully healthy too! These signature blends are fresh and special and are produced to help people everywhere transform their lives through conscious nutrition. Order today and enjoy cold pressed fruit juices, only at