Azad Sweets

Rajasthan is the land of traditional culture and famous for its food cuisine. Various taste comes together to enrich people with their favorite one and is expanding throughout the states. In 1975, Azad sweets was earlier known as Azad Halwai and it started manufacturing the world famous ‘Sohan halwa’ which has a rich historical background. Due to some reasons, this business came to an end in the same year and with extra enthusiasm it came again to serve people with its delicious taste in 1994 with a different name, that is, Azad sweets. It excels in variety of sweets but sohan halwa and karachi halwa are its pride, providing people with lip-smacking taste. Each bite promises the taste of purity and goodness which is more than enough to satisfy its customers. How can one resist himself from the delicacies purely made in desi ghee using purest ingredients? People pack it for their home during their visit to Alwar, Rajasthan and more of it can be brought together because it can survive for many days if refrigerated. Enrich yourself with these delicacies today itself!