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Chaina Ram Sweets

One of the oldest sweet shop in Chandni chowk with the brand tag of purity is serving people with joy and happiness even today. Chaina ram is a traditional sweet shop that is occupied with people not only in festive season but also in normal days. Sometimes one has to wait for even 20-25 min in a long queue for yummy sweets. Specialty of this sweet corner is that only pure desi ghee is used to prepare sweets of various kind, that makes people go maniacal for it. It is basically a Sindhi shop renowned for its Karachi halwa whose taste is unmatched with any other sweet shop across Delhi. The halwa unlike in most other places is less sweet, less chewy and has no food color. One can even microwave a portion of it for few minutes and the texture becomes super soft, very mildly chewy and the best possible. When one visits Chandni chowk for any purpose, he/she don’t forget to go to this shop and pack some delicacies for home. Chaina ram sweet shop won the” times food award” continuously for five years. It is the most trusted sweet shop among people since ages. In the busy schedule, we have made things easier for you people. With foodfeasta.com, you can order the delicacies right at your home and enjoy them with your family and friends.