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"FARMERS FIRST" & "MILI" are registered trade marks. Incorporated in 2004 as a cottage scale Industry situated at village Maujgarh, in district Ferozepur, Punjab. Not only in Indian retail market, but also being exported to Canada, Franch and South Africa. MILI is also being served on board Jet Airways and it is also known as the "original airline candy" because of their long association with the airline industry. The company has not availed of any subsidies or government financial assistance. They are a totally women oriented enterprise who believe in women empowerment. Migration to cities is often the inevitable consequence of lack of opportunities in rural areas. People are migrating to escape the poverty of rural areas. Mostly young men are leaving rural areas to seek their fortune in cities. Staying behind are the women. Employment opportunities for the women in the off- season farm sector are close to nil. When women get employment on a regular basis, they can act independently and have access to additional independent source of income. Thus it is a definite means of improvement of living standards and empowerment of women in villages. At Farmers First women work in a clean and hygienic environment. This habit of cleanliness is later applied in their homes. It leads to better health for their households. It is not enough to provide financial assistance to women, They believe it is necessary to educate and find employment for women. Nothing that is free is appreciated for long or valued. Self- confidence among women is necessary. It will come when their dependence on others is reduced and they believe in their own abilities to work and earn. FARMERS FIRST is one such project; sharing happiness by providing the much- needed empowerment and employment to women of rural areas. Mili candy is made exclusively by women.