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Nita Mehta

Words lack behind when one starts to talk about Nita Mehta. An Indian celebrity chef, author, restaurateur and media personality brings us her cookbook that typically contains a collection of recipes. 450 of her books have been on the best-seller list and in her career till today she has sold over 7.5 million books. She is famous for her Indian dishes and continuing winning people’s heart. She has conducted cooking classes in different countries including UK, USA and Canada and has shown herself up as a judge in many reality shows. After reading such stuffs about a lady, who would not like to taste her dish? One of her excellent genre of food is chocolate. Chocolate craving is so common among people. Is there any reason of not having it? Well, chocolate is one true companion for every single moment. If one is depressed, chocolate cures the depression; if one is sad, its yummy taste makes the person happy and if one is happy, it is the best way to share happiness. Beyond refreshing one’s mood, it has several health benefits too. If we focus on Dark chocolate, then there is nothing much to say as it is healthier than white or milk chocolate. Nita Mehta brings the source of happiness in small boxes, also with the surety and purity of the product. Try her rejuvenating flavored dark chocolates online by visiting foodfeasta.com. You can get them delivered right at your home.