Paper Boat

Childhood is the phase of life which all of us wants to live again. But life doesn’t give a chance to cherish those beautiful memories again. Then an idea to relive the memories came in the form of beverage. Paper boat is a beverage brand that was launched in August 2013. People get amazed by its name and ask: why PAPERBOAT? We all have memories of engaging ourselves in making paper boats on the arrival of first rain of monsoon. Well, how can one forget it and who would not run to relive those days? Paper boat brings us the drinks which are seasonal and delicious, drinks which are products of generations of trial and error and the drinks which are getting fade which the modern day fizz. It started with its two rejuvenating flavors- Jaljeera and Aamras and has now evolved to seven. Childhood isn’t over when you experience all the things you ever thought you’d experience. Motive of introducing these drinks is simply ‘Life is still beautiful’ and one reaffirm faith in his life. All the flavors are meant to soothe a person and take him away into the garden of childhood. Now you can try its different flavors without moving out to buy it in stores and refresh yourself completely. With, order it today only and it would be delivered right at your home.