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The word is enough to drive people crazy. Somebody said “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt”. This line is as true as the sand in desert. Well, coming back to it, chocolate is simply a bar of happiness. Partner of each emotion, like celebrating goodness with chocolate, getting off from depression by eating it, gifting it to someone who is sad, is less to say of it. Beyond all these stuffs, it is considered as a healthy food named for curing many diseases and is very good for skin too. Chocolates are admired by lots of people hence it is the common as well as trendy thing to gift in any occasion. From kids to their grandparents, all are in fond of it. On festive season, we can see a huge bundle of chocolate boxes in various stores. This shows its demand and love among people. Its taste is this much good that it is actually ineffable. Try different flavours from different brands and reinvigorate yourself completely.