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Papad is a traditional Indian dish that is widely consumed in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Punjab, Gujarat, and other parts of India.

This assistance includes Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, as well as other neighbouring countries.


Papad and its varieties


Papad is a crunchy, thin wafer consisting primarily of flour or paste. The base for this differs depending on where you are in the world. Rice flour, urad dal, chickpea, potato, sabudana, raw jackfruit, and other ingredients could be used. The flavour of the same differs depending on the primary ingredient. Seasonings and flavours can also differ depending on the individual's preferences and the place in which they are prepared. 


They are sun-dried to completely remove moisture, then kept and utilised for months to years. Agrawal's 420 Papad are very famous because of its taste and varieties. You can easily order online. Some of its varieties are Agrawal's 420 Khatta meetha papad, Agrawal's 420 Punjabi masala papad and Agrawal's 420 handmade sada papad.


Uses of papad


Papad is an important part of every meal in India. It is frequently served as a snack, chaat, or in conjunction with main dish preparations. Papad is an example of Indian cuisine's brilliance.


  1. Masala papad is one of the best examples of how to serve papad with cocktails and mocktails.
  2. In India, papads are commonly offered as a side dish with any meal.
  3. Papad can be served as an appetiser or a snack.
  4. Some of the best papad kinds are fried, roasted, open-flame papad, and oven-made papad.
  5. Papad curry, also known as papad ki sabzi, is a popular Rajasthani cuisine made entirely of papad.
  6. With a variety of pickles, chutneys, and sauces, papad can be relished.


Benefits of papad


Papad is a tasty appetizer and a rich source of fibre. Papad that has been roasted or grilled aids in the absorption of fatty material from the mouth and throat. Papad should be consumed in moderation, as it might cause acidity if consumed in excess. Because papad is heavy in sodium, it is not recommended for persons who have high blood pressure. Order online Agrawal's papad and make your food tastier.


You can order Agrawal’s papad online from FoodFeasta, , we will deliver fresh and on time. We are sure that you will love the taste.

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