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We all seek for something to add a flavour in our dull and boring life. This flavor could be in the form of some spicy, tangy and crispy namkeen awakening our taste buds completely. Namkeen is a hindi word for salt i.e. Namak. There are various ingredients used to prepare it adding a tinch of specific masala and salt giving it a unique flavour. Being portable, it is the best companion during travel enriching one completely with its taste. Also, a perfect partner of tea, it is served with tea as a snack, making the conversations go more smoothly. There is no specific time to add it in your menu, as one cannot stop oneself from tasting it as soon as one sees it. Nowadays namkeens are gaining more importance and are cherished by people just like sweets. Different varieties from different brand are attracting the customers towards it and as people are hygiene conscious they are choosing packed namkeen over the open packets. Now, Taste different varieties without moving out of your homes.