Indian sweets, aka Mithai - the Lifeline for any Celebration including Festivals, Weddings, and Parties etc.A popular saying in India goes like this” shubh kam se pehle kuch mitha kha lena chahiye” (have something sweet before beginning some auspicious work). Sweets find their way into almost every sphere of Indian society. Whether as a form greeting, celebration, religious offering, gift giving, parties or hospitality in India, sweets are ever present. Especially on Indian festivals - such as Holi, Diwali, Eid, or Raksha Bhandan, the sweetshops expand to more than twice their size to keep up with the sharp increase in demand. With the revolution in society and technology, people are gradually switching to packaged sweets which carry a guarantee of quality as well as hygiene. These sweets can even be ordered from websites such as FoodFeasta.com, which specialize in catering to the demand of high quality sweets.