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Laddu or Laddoo are ball-shaped sweets popular in Indian subcontinent. Laddoos are made of flour, minced dough and sugar with other ingredients that vary by recipe. A variety of laddoos are made during festive season and demand during other occasions like marriages. In fact they are so popular that Indian weddings are incomplete without the presence of laddoo. Loved by people in all age groups, we Indians share our happiness with a box of laddoos!

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Besan Dry Fruit Laddoo (Meghraj Sweets, Chandni Chowk)

In India Besan Laddoo often made during festive occasions. To make them more healthy dry fruits like almonds, pistachios, cashew nut, Elaichi with Pure Ghee & Sugar used while making Besan Laddoo. It is easy and healthy sweet, also good during the winters & loved by most kids. Learn More

Special DryFruit Laddoo (Kanhaiya, Alwar)

One of the finest tasting sweets for special occasions and festivals, making dry fruit laddoo is a hard nut to crack, no pun intended! Therefore we bring you excellently prepared dry fruit laddoos from the very best among the professionals. Its ingredients can range across a wide variety of dry fruits including dates, figs, raisins, almonds, cashews and pistachio along with ghee, prepared with a lot of expertise. Kanhaiya sweets are famous for their high standards of hygiene and quality and you can buy their dry fruit laddoo online through FoodFeasta.com. So why wait when you can savor this delicacy sitting in the comfort of your home because all you need to do is order it online. The rest of the responsibility is ours, delivering it right up to your doorstep! Learn More

Laddoo Petha (Panchhi, Agra)

Laddoo is one of the most loved sweets in India and so is Petha. We bring before you an amazing sweet which combines the best of both the sweets into one! Panchhi has always been a trendsetter and a trailblazer when it comes to sweets and this particular delight is no exception. Apart from the lovely color, it has an appetizing taste which will have you coming back for more, no matter how much you’ve eaten! Even though the best Laddoo Petha is available from Agra, the city of its origin, you need not worry since there is no need for you to go all the way to Agra! You can buy the yummy Laddoo Petha online from our website FoodFeasta.com and we are going to deliver it right to your doorstep. So buy and enjoy! Learn More

Rajasthani Laddoo (Kanwarji's, Chandni Chowk)

Traditional eatables are mostly appreciated by people all over the region and here we have for you something that isn’t available easily at your nearby places. Ladoo wrapped up with the flavors of Rajasthani culture, is really different from other kind of sweets. Prepared with the richness of ghee and garnished with Dry fruits, this is a real stop for you all where you can satiate your taste buds and flow with the smoothness of its texture which slowly blends in inside your mouth. If you have a sweet tooth and craving for sweet, then Rajasthani ladoo is what you should try. Kanwarji’s in Chandni Chowk bring you this amazing delicacy and you can have it by ordering it online with foodfeasta.com. Learn More

Motichoor Laddoo (Kanwarji's, Chandni Chowk)

We need not convince anyone who has already savored this dish to order it as soon as possible, but for anyone who hasn’t, or is in doubt, read on! Moti is a hindi word which means pearls or resembling a pearl and this sweet is indeed a gem! The soft texture, which melts into your mouth and the tantalizing sweet taste which lingers for a while… The more said about this sweet, the less it is! Laddoos are spherical balls where the filling itself makes up the interior as well as exterior and thus you won’t be disappointed after the first bite since it is going to remain uniformly tasty throughout! And the best thing is that we are going to deliver it right to your doorstep if you buy it online from FoodFeasta.com. Do we really say anything more?! Learn More

Goond Laddoo (Hira's Sweets, Shahdara)

Goond Laddoo Hira's sweets Learn More

Atta Laddoo Dryfruits (Hira's Sweets, Shahdara)

Atta Laddoo Dryfruits Hira's Sweets Learn More

Chirawa Ke Laddoo (Thakur Ji Sweets, Chirawa)

Chirawa Ke Chirawa Learn More
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